Writing and Business Communication

Run your business. Let us take care of the wordsmithing.

Our writers and editors listen to you and craft prose that fits your needs and your clients’ expectations. Our team members heed your organization’s requirements, study your industry’s editorial proclivity and compose a compelling narrative to address your operational challenges. Our writing process depends on the client and the project, but we typically follow a three-step approach.

  1. We start by creating a short list of questions whose answers would have salient implications for your company, its strategy, the existing product/service portfolio, and the overall brand approach.
  2. Then we work with your teams to narrow down the list of questions/answers, paying particular attention to things like your end goal, prose clarity, message scalability and audience captivation.
  3. Finally, a team of senior in-house wordsmiths breathe imaginative life into the most promising story, testing it with other editors around the world to ascertain the right tone and voice.

Our writers include accomplished journalists, novelists, editors and communicators, and some have been celebrated on the motivational-speaking circuit for years. They will work to shift your (or your company’s) attention toward the most important aspects of your career or business, imparting creative knowledge to help you define your personal brand, or to outsmart competitors when it comes to strategic communication or stakeholder engagement.

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