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Today’s fast-paced economy requires that your company pays an unwavering attention to the larger operating picture, but it also demands that you heed an expanding store of commercial trivia, some of which are important to making confident, game-changing business decisions. We help clients meet their operational puzzles and pluck out correct answers from a labyrinth of countless objectives, strategies, tactics and deliverables. Our experts cull economic trends and organizational data to understand the root cause of internal process impediments, working with your teams and syncing their insights with ours.

We boast a history of excellence thanks to our experts, who run the whole professional gamut — hailing from academia and the motivational-speaking circuit; and ranging from retired executives and serial entrepreneurs to professionals as diverse as journalists, PR agents, engineers, lawyers, medical doctors, accountants and bankers. Most of our experts have at least a master’s degree in their respective fields; some possess decades of managerial experience at Fortune 500 companies, while others have reveled in entrepreneurial adventure for the past several years.

Let us help you chart a new course for your organization, or solidify your existing operational dynamics, making sure you formulate a winning strategic blueprint to outsmart the competition.

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The MC&Co. team has been instrumental in steering our EMEA efforts in the last three years, from product brainstorming to market and aftermarket strategy implementation.

Vianney Derville
Executive Vice-President, Western Europe Zone, L’Oréal

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