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We offer a wide array of exclusive, client-centered solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality counsel in the various industries we serve. Our Expert Network assists clients in figuring out the strategies and approaches that would disperse risk and eliminate or mitigate uncertainties, in order to strengthen clients’ balance sheets and pave the way for continued profitability. We guide all types of organizations at various operational stages, whether in distress, renewal, turnaround or expansion – from a company that owns the lion’s share of a specific market to a mid-sized player or a smaller business that presently bears the brunt of economic volatility and market uncertainty.

Our experts steer clients in three distinct capacities:

  • Management Consulting,
  • Writing Services, and
  • Training/Coaching.
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The MC&Co. team has been instrumental in steering our EMEA efforts in the last three years, from product brainstorming to market and aftermarket strategy implementation.

Vianney Derville
Executive Vice-President, Western Europe Zone, L’Oréal