Functional Practices

Specialists from our Functional Practices engage every day in projects large and small that redefine the way companies work, generate value and remain sustainable.

The list below is a (non-exhaustive) directory of areas where our experts unlock transformative know-how to improve clients’ lives and businesses:

  1. Business Technology

Serves the organization’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Information Technology (IT) Director. This practice aims to help you assure the effectiveness, efficiency and scalability of your company’s information technology and computer systems.

  1. Competitive Intelligence

Using our Network’s proprietary models, we define, gather, and analyze intelligence about your sector’s rivalry. This practice covers products, customers, services, competitors, suppliers, regulators and everything in between.

  1. Corporate Finance

This practice helps your company maximize shareholder value, doing so by making the strategic decisions and investing in the tools and human talent that are needed for long-term economic viability and competitive stardom.

  1. Corporate Renewal

Brings the Network’s collective expertise to bear when it comes to turnaround management, ensuring the right strategies are plotted and the adequate tactics implemented to bring the target company back to economic viability.

  1. Digital Economy Management

Through this practice, we sum up the main themes of the digital era, helping clients use the Internet and its corollary processes to infuse efficiency in internal processes and effectiveness in everything the clients do online – from Web Marketing to e-presence to digital portability (tablet, PC, laptop, smart phone, etc.)

  1. Information Technology

See how far you can travel to operational stability by formulating the right IT blueprint – and see why our Expert Network has distinguished itself in the way it helps clients design and implement a strategy to seamlessly store, retrieve, transmit, protect and manipulate corporate data.

  1. Marketing & Sales

This practice helps develop, in tandem with your Marketing and Revenue Management, techniques and models that yield the best performance and catapult your brand into the market’s pole position. We utilize various approaches, including competitive intelligence, to plot the most compatible, winning plans for your business.

  1. Mergers & Restructuring

In a business-reorganization initiative, such as a merger or acquisition, you have big operating choices to make or approve –which departments to retain, which to consolidate, and which to jettison. In all cases, deciding exactly how wide to cast the operating net depends on whether the reorganization’s objective is essentially tactical or strategic or the creation of a new business line – and this is where our Expert Network can help, providing you with timely guidance at key stages of your initiative.

  1. Operations

We believe no idea from any source – no matter how bad – should be belittled during our discussions, as we review your back office to determine opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness. Let us devise an integrated strategy for your company’s operations, to solve some of the critical challenges you face across the value chain.

  1. Performance Management

We bring our expertise to bear in helping you devise a performance management system capable of gauging, in a systematic and transparent way, how your organization, department or processes stacks up against pre-determined criteria or industry trends.

  1. PR Policy & Stakeholder Engagement

This practice takes a comprehensive look at your brand and public relations strategy, benchmarking it against the direct competition and the broader market. Helps you signal to your stakeholders a new day of responsible, methodical communication and effective engagement on all important fronts – from advertising to CSR planning.

  1. Product & Service Innovation

Your company’s product and/or service portfolio is arguably your most valuable economic prize – the key element that expands stakeholder value down the road. We help you in all matters of innovation, providing you the creative fuel needed to grow, thrive and offer products and services that consistently outmatch the competition.

  1. Risk Management

The last thing you want is a war for media attention with regulators, shareholders, the public or other interested parties – simply because your organization’s risk management practices have failed to detect address mitigate exposures that have metastasized into operating losses. Let our experts provide you the latest thinking on risk identification, tracking and mitigation.

  1. Strategy

Our Strategy practice helps you move a bit outside your comfort zone and target attractive opportunities in your existing playgrounds or in frontier markets. Our experts delve into your operational blueprint and give you the necessary intellectual ammunition to quickly catch on with your potential customers, while strengthening bonds with the current ones.

  1. Sustainability

Let us help your business establish sustainability as a competitive advantage, ushering in efficient processes that are in sync with the ecosystem and effectively utilize corporate resources over time.